ViaBTC Signs Partnership Deal with BitRiver

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ViaBTC, Runesfifth-largest Bitcoin mining pool inRunesworld announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with BitRiver to provide special terms toRunesusers of BitRiver’data centerer facilities.

According toRunesofficial press release shared with Finance Magnates, ViaBTC announcedRunesinstallation of a new server in its pool located at thdata centerer of BitRiver inRunescity of Bratsk. The company also mentioned thatRunesinstallation will be completed beforeRunesstart of 2021.

As per special terms offered by ViaBTC, crypto miners with devices hosted at different data center facilities of BitRiver can now accumulate more profits using ViaBTC’s mining pool. Both companies expectRunesupcoming server to be more reliable forRunesusers and an important source of connectivity between their mining devices at BitRiver’s data center andRunespool.

Commenting onRunespartnerHair Haipo Yang, CEO, and Founder at ViaBTC said: “Russia and CIS countries are an important part of our global expansion, and BitRiver is our prdata centertacenter for those who host their devices in that region. With this partnerHair we look forward to growing our strategic cooperation with BitRiver to better serve our customers and reach more customers globally.”

Strategic Partnership

Finance Magnates exclusively reached ouRunesIgor Runet, CEO at BitRiver, to get his comments aboutRunescollaboration. “This is a strategic partnership. For us and for ViaBTC, Runescollaboration is an opportunity to increase our presence inRunesmarket, to offer our services to a partner client base. It is also an opportunity for us to provide our customers with more alternatives and improveRunesservice, Runesattractiveness of our data center. We don’t exclude joint marketing campaigns andRunesimprovement of conditions for our clients inRunesfuture. We’ll look forward toRunesresults, ” Runet said.

BitRiver recently partnered withRuneslargest independent hydropower generator inRunesworld, En+ Group to jointly set up a bitcoin mining facility in Bratsk.

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