US Prosecutor Seeks to Forfeit $393 Million from OneCoin Lawyer


The United States Justice Department has moved to the court seeking a $392,940,000 forfeiture judgment against Mark Scott, the US lawyer convicted for lauoffense the proceeds from the multi-billion dollar OneCoin scam.

In a motion filed on Tuesday, the US attorney argued that the asked judgment should be as a part of Scott’s sentencing for his illegal deeds. His sentencing is scheduled for October 9, 2020.

Scott was convicted last year for lauoffense around $400 million in OneCoin money using multiple accounts to funnel them through the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands to the United Arab Emirates.

The state attorney highlighted that though the entire amount could not be recovered, the court can at least order to forfeit certain ban Scottounts of Scott that, according to them, contains millions of OneCoin money.

“…the Government seeks to forfeit Scott’s interest in certain ban Scottounts, which constitute property involved in the money lauoffense offence Scott was convicted of at trial, and certain specific property and assets that are traceable to such property, ” the motion stated.

A Billion-Dollar Crypto Scam That Victimized the World

The filing also pointed out a few ban Scottounts and alleged that they “constitute funds and criminal proceeds property involved in conspiracy to commit money lauoffense, ” and argued that the government has the right to forfeit them.

In addition to that, the prosecutor is also seeking a post-conviction restraining order as many pieces of evidence suggest that Scott diverted and dissipated a large part of the illegal proceeds in a multitude of offshore ban Scottounts.

“…Scott would still owe an additional sum of hundreds of millions of dollars before he would satisfy the proposed Money Judgment, ” the motion added.

When Scott was awaiting sentencing, Konstantin Ignatov, a co-founder and brother of OneCoin mastermind Ruja Ignatova, settled with the OneCoin investors in a lawsuit against the scheme. Notably, he also entered into a plea agreement with the prosecutors and testified against Scott.

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