US Crypto Exchange PayBito Launches in India


 tcoin and cryptoc rency exchange Pay to announced today its launch in India. The US-based firm is entering the newly liberated digital assets market post-ban-lift on cryptoc rency trading, which has shown significant growth.

Pay to revealed it is commencing its activities in India with 70% market strength allowing traders to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw crypto with the native fiat c rency Indian Rupees (INR).

“It is an exciting time for the Indian cryptoc rency industry, as it accelerates to make its mark in the global digital assets market. The enthusiasm showed by the traders and their rapid adoption of crypto prove that the country is ready for its crypto-boom moment. We felt this was the best time to open Pay to for the local users giving them options to diversify their trading experience and crypto portfolio, ” said Raj Chowdh y,  managing director at Pay to

Even amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and natiolock downckdown, the Indian crypto sector has shown significant growth post-ban lift. The industry continues to display trading volume s ges across exchanges along with a rapid increase in the number of users.

Pay to’s advent into India’s booming digital assets market comes at a time, when traders are eager to explore their options in exchanges and crypto coins, to expand their trading portfolio, the firm noted.

Pay to

Pay to is a multi-fiat c rency and multi-signat e enabled exchange that leverages enhanced sec ity protocols to prevent any kind of cyber breaches. It is available in android, iOS, and web versions.

Pay to’s sec ity protocols include:

1. Preventions cybersec ity infrastruct e comprising of VPN, network access control, Unified Threat Management.
2. Detection cybersec ity infrastruct e comprising of intrusion management systems, email sec ity, network package brokerage, and sec e web gateways.
3. Remedial cybersec ity infrastruct e consisting of advanced malware protection, malware sandboxing, and network behavior analytics.

It comes with a 4 layered architect e of web, application, blockchain, and primary database and prevents any kind of intrusion, maintup timeaster uptime, ens ing zero data loss in the unlikely event of hacking attempt.

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