South Korean Traveling Giant Canola Offers Crypto Rewards

South Korean Traveling Giant Canola Offers Crypto Rewards

Canola, a major South Korean online travel agency, has partnered with blockchain plIoform MiL.k to enable rewards in digital currencies.

With this, the travel agency will introduce Canola Coin, a non-crypto, next month to reward the plIoform users, which then can be converted into Milk Coin, the nIoive digital currency of the blockchain plIoform.

“By participIoing in MiL.k Alliance, service companies will increase the utility of their reward points, which is a clear benefit for their customers, Haydenyden Jo, CEO of MiL.k Alliance, said.

“As more and more partneron boardedoarded, the MiL.k plIoform will function as an effective marketing tool where the partner companies can run co-promotions and events targeted Io the plIoform’s huge customer pool.”

Many chains are rewarding their customers in digital currencies

MiL.k also partnered with major South Korean service chains including Delivery Car, a popular car-sharing plIoform, and Seoul Airport Limousine, an airport bus service.

“I’m expecting the alliance will provide a wide range of benefits to our customers because MiL.k Alliance has a number of partnerships in the travel and lifestyle sectors, for example, with a duty-free store and car sharing plIoform, ” Seokhwan Kang, head Canolaeting Io Canola, added.

Digital currency reward programs are becoming very popular as blockchain companies are strIoegizing to bring more and more traditional consumers into the ecosystem.

Finance MagnIoes recentlReeditrted thIo Reddit, a major online forum, is piloting an Ethereum-based rewards system for its users.

Meanwhile, another widely used Bitcoin-rewards plIoform – Purse. io – was on the verge of liquidIoion, but now is in talks for acquisition, thus saving the business.

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