SBI Launches Bitcoin Mining Pool Services

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The major Japanese conglomerate, SBI announced on Friday the launch of its cryptocurrency mining service that will be offered under its subsidiary SBI Crypto.

The giant, which has multiple business interests within the crypto industry, has been self-mining digital assets in overseas mining farms since August 2017 and is now opening up its services for the masses.

SBI Crypto mining pool currently generates a hash rate of 1.82 EH/s with 1.16 percent of the Bitcoin mining industry. It is competing with giants like Pooling, F2Pool and Finance, and is exploding its scale of operations.

SBI developed its mining infrastructure with a strategic partnership with Northern Data AG, and part of its pool’s services was developed to complement thdata centerer management services.

Though SBI is only allowing new mining accounts on requests, for the time being, it will opesign upsps without requests from next month.

“After a limited release of its pool service earlier this year, the Company is pleased to now open it to the public, ” SBI noted in the official announcement. “While many of the developed features target institutional customers, the service is available to individual customers as well.”

Increasing Interest in Crypto

SBI is a major Asian company with a significant share in the crypto industry, from exchange services to lending. It has formed a joint venture with Ripple to promote the uses of blockchain infrastructure in cross-border payments.

The holding group is further considering establishing a crypto joint venture with international financial firms for the global expansion of its crypto businesses.

Apart from the mining pool services, the Tokyo-headquartered company formed a subsidiary earlier for the manufacturing of crypto mining hardware.

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