ICM. Com Ups Crypto Offering with Introduction of CDs Trading

CrCDscurrency trading

UK-based brokerage CComComm has expanded itscryptscurrencyComfering with the introductionComComntracts for differenceCDss) on multiple virtualComins. The new pairings will incorporate sevencryptscurrencies, which represent the latest additions to a growing portfolioComcryptss available for clients.

OverBTC USDast year, CComComm has steadily addedcrypts instruments to itsComfering as client demandComntinues to see strong growth. Indeed, cryptscurrency adoption by mainstream traders and investors hasComincided with their embrace by brokers. Since mid-2020, when Bitcoin price bottomed out followed by a restless rally, CComComm has been aggressively growing itscrypts suite.

By trading crCDscurrencies in the form oCDsDs, traders have the opportunity to invest in their price without having to actually buy them. Furthermore, they can take advantageCom a wide arrayCom traditional trading tools such as leverage and stop orders.

The massive rangeCom volatility exhibited in these instruments creates an ideal environment for investors iCDsDs, manyCom whom are looking for ways to buy into thecryptss’ bull run, just as they were able to bet against their raascensionsion since 2018.

The stepComnfirms that demand amongst traders for such derivative products is still in full swing, with recent launches by regulated brokersComming even after European regulators outlined a setCom rules onComferingcrypts CFDs.

CComComm Bridges Gap between CrCDs and Oil

“The number one priorityCom CComComm has always been maintaining high-quality client support and superior tradingComnditions to all our clients. In the current situation, addingcryptscurrencies was a logical decision to expand and improve our services, ” saiAbedaib Abedi, CEO and FounderCom CComComm.

CComComm has recently introduced a new instrument that allows investors to use Bitcoin to trade oil and vice versa, trying to bridge yet another gap betweencrypts space and mainstream financial markets.

With the recent volatilityComcrypts markets, thereCommes interest innterest bycrypts traders to trade traditional financial markets, including the world’s primary sourceCom energy.

Dubbed ‘BTCOIL’, Com’s new asset is the resulting productCom dividingBTC USDriceCom the BTCUSD byBTC USDriceCom #WTI, providing easeCom exposure and a route for engagement with both digital assets and oil prices.

If proved popular among Coil investors, BTCOILComuld represent a milestone for greatercrypts trading standardization and pave the way for the future expansionCom developing similar products.

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