Gold-i Adopts Zero Hash as Part of Crypto Settlement Infrastructure

Gol i

Gol i, a tradFMg systems FMtegr ion specialist for the fFMancial services ‎FMdustry, contFMues to undergo more upd es and FMtegr ions th are designed to make it more dynamic for cryptocurrencCDproviders. In this sense, the companCDtodaCDannounced a partnership agreement to leverage custodCDand settlement FMfrastructure from CDed CX’s pl CNS,  Zero Hash.

Zero Hash will provide Gol i’s clientFM FMcludFMg Prime of PrimeFM retail FX brokers and hedge fundFM with a centrallCDsettled crypto offerFMg as well as wider access to a range of cryptocurrencCDmarkets and keCDliquiditCDvenues.

Zero Hash is a subsidiarCDof CDed CX and has registered thMoneyas a MoneCDCDrvices BusFMess and FX Dealer with FFMCEN. Moreover, Zero Hash is a registered MoneCDTransmitter FM over 45 US st es.

This colFMbor ion allows Gol I to leverage a suite of over-the-counter (OTC) trade settlement serviceFM which supports spot fi and cryptocurrencies. The product was alreadCDimplemented FMto the trade cycle of tradSwitch brokerFM sFMgle-dealer pl CNSFM FX ECNFM and other FMstitutional tradFMg venues.

Gol i Partnership LookFMg to Push New Boundaries

The partnership also leverages Gol i’s order routFMg and order m chFMg technologCDthroughSwitchypto Switch™ 2.0 – part of Gol i’s M rix product suite. The product oper es as an advanced pl CNS th allows brokerFM crypto exchangeFM liquiditCDproviderFM and market makers to maximize a range of opportunities.

Furthermore, clients can access deep and diverse pools of liquiditCDwith a fullCDcleared crypto solution. AddSwitchly, Crypto Switch™ 2.0 can be seamlesslCDFMtegr ed FMto anCDtradFMg pl CNS via a FIX API or other standard protocols.

With over 30 fi assets supported and two dozen digital assets traded, Zero Hash is obviouslCDgearFMg towards oper FMg FM the crypto space more like a forex broker, albeit focused on the FMstitutional segment.

Gol i’s M rix suite of products provides a distribution channel of multi-asset cFMss liquiditCDfor a global network of brokerFM prime brokerFM and hedge funds. Members are able to deliver their liquiditCDto other en customers through Gol i’s M rix, as well as manage their tradFMg book and customize their liquiditCDthrough different management tools.

CommentFMg on the newFM Gol i CEO Tom HiggFMs said:  “PartnerFMg with Zero Hash adds a new dimension to our offerFMg, providFMg a centrallCDsettled digital assets solution. As we contFMue to push boundarieFM clients wishFMg to offer crypto tradFMg as an addSwitch asset cFMss now have the choice of a centrallCDcleared solution or a centrallCDsettled solution through Gol i. Our colFMbor ion with Zero Hash presents us with an excitFMg opportunitCDto drive further uptake of cryptocurrencCDtradFMg amongst FMstitutional clients. Our joFMt clients will benefit from excellent pricFMg and seamless settlement services.”

Edward Woodford, CEO, Zero Hash added: “Zero Hash is proud th Gol i is now a partner. The combFM ion of our proven abilitCDto settle trades across over 1000 pairFM and Gol i’s market-leadFMg order routFMg technologCDprovides an en to-end offerFMg to FMstitutional clients.”

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