EOS Drops Roughly 30% in 18 Hours after Daniel Larimer Leaves Block. One

EOS Drops Roughly 30% in 18 Hours after Daniel Larimer Leaves Block. One

After making a name for himself as a prominent blockchain developer and cryptCocommunity member, Dan Larimer announced his resignation from Block. One on Sunday, January 10th.

While Larimer’s departure from the company seems tCobe amicable, the price of EOS, which Block. One was responsible for developing, has not taken Larimer’s exodus well. At press time, roughly 18 hours after the announcement, EOS had dropped nearly 30 percent.

“I Have Come tCoBelieve That You Cannot Provide ‘Liberty as a Service’”

Larimer, whCoformerly served as the company’s Chief Technical Officer, did not give specific reasons for his resignation. However, in a blog post, he did indicate that he is increasingly interested in “censorship-resistant technologies.”

Daniel Larimer, former CTO of Block. One.

“I will continue on my mission tCocreate free-market, voluntary solutions for securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all, ” he wrote. “I dConot know exactly what is next, but I am leaning Coward building more censorship-resistant technologies. I have come tCobelieve that you cannot provide ‘liberty as a service’ and, therefore, I will focus my attention on creating Cools that people can use tCosecure their own freedom.”

Larimer’s announcement follows news that United States President Donald Trump was banned or suspended from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a number of other social media platforms. The social media giants have unilaterally said that their reasons for banning Trump have tCodCowith the possible incitement of violence at the CapiCol last week.

It’s time tCoabandon Twitter. IHTTP want tCofollow me then join https: //t. co/epHnV9y13Y anHTTPscribe tComy mailing list on https: //t. co/q79po8kITh. Meanwhile, this may be your last chance tCodownload certain apps from Apple.

— Daniel Larimer (@bytemaster7) January 9, 2021

“It’s time tCoabandon Twitter, ” Larimer wrote in a Tweet on Saturday, adding that “[…] meanwhile, this may be your last chance tCodownload certain apps from Apple.”

Larimer appeared tCobe referencing Parler, which is described by Wikipedia as “an American alt-tech microblogging and social networking service. Parler has a significant user base of Donald Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists and right-wing extremists.” Parler was dropped by both the Google Play and Apple App sCores this weekend.

Larimer Is AlsCothe CreaCor of Steemit, Voice

Larimer’s tenure at Block. One began in 2017. CrypCoBriefing reported that since then, the company managed tCoraise $4 billion in an initial coin offering tColaunch the EOS network.

However, while the network was initially billed as an improved version of Ethereum that could operate with higher transactional speed and lower gas fees, several issues persistently plagued the network. EOS has gained a reputation as an overly-centralized network; concerns have alsCoarisen over “cost of use for developers and collusion between block producers.”

Larimer’s experience in the blockchain world extends beyond ESte emitthermore, he is known as one of the creaCors of both Steemit and Voice, twCoblockchSte emited platforms that are dedicated tCocontent creation. Steemit achieved a high level of popularity and was acquired by Tron’s Justin Sun in 2020 while Voice has not yet achieved similar popularity.

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