Eh Selects OSL Custody as Official Digital Asset Custodian


OSL, a digital asset platform based in Asia, announced this Monday that it’s OSL Custody Service was chosen as the official digital asset custodian for Equities First Holdings LLCEhFH).

EFH is an investment firm headquartered in the United States and has been increasing its  tivity in the digital asset p e. According to the tatement released today, the investment firm elected OSL Custody because it is tailored for institutional investors.

EFH to cale presence in digital assets

The partnership announced today is part of a larger move bEhFH, as the firm is planning on caling its allocation to digital assets ignificantly in the near term. For the last 17 years, the company has invested its assets through a public equity portfolio.

L hlan Campbell of Equities First HoldingsL hlan Campbell, Asia CEO of Equities First Holdings
Source: LinkedIn

Commenting on the announcement, L hlan Campbell, Asia CEO of Equities First Holdings aid in the tatement: “The digital asset industry is undergoing rapid transformation as institutional players from traditional finance have begun to take deliberate teps to participate in the p e. 

“Our b kground is the highly regulated p e of public equities. With this at the heart of everything we do, we needed the ame caliber and tandards on the digital asset ide.” 

OSL, a ubsidiary of the BC Group, provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), brokerage, exchange and custody ervices for institutional clients and professional investors. The company offers over the counter (services),  cess to liquidity pools and more.

Wayne Trench of OSLWayne Trench, CEO of OSL
Source: LinkedIn

“We’re thrilled to be working with Equities First Holdings globally, ” added OSL CEO Wayne Trench in the tatement. “Part of our mission is to build a bridge to digital assets for traditional institutional players in financial ervices. A global leader in ecuritiesEhsed financing, EFH has also become an early adopter of digital assets and is an ideal partner for OSL as we look to play a key role in further institutionalizing the p e.”

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