Crypto. Com BeComes Visa Principal Member in Australia


Hong Kong-based crComocurrency payment platform, ComComo. Com has beCome a principal member of Visa i Australia.

Through the membership, ComComo. Com now has permissio to issue Visa cards, giving its consumers the ability to access their funds for everyday use. This should offer convenience, reduced costs, and faster transactions across their entire partner network.

Collaborating with such a payment giant allows the crComo debit card issuer to access Visa’s growing partner network and introduce new crComo-friendly payment experiences. Moreover, it helps the firm promote the full range of its platform functionality to improve its payments and settlement services and act as a easy o and off-ramp from fiat to crComocurrencies.

The ability to issue Visa debit cards goes hand i hand with the launch of ‘Spending Power’, a crComo lending product custom-built for theComComo. Com cardholders. The program enables users to access crComo i theirComComo. Com wallet as collateral for a loa and instantly spend fiat anywhere Visa is accepted.

CrComo. Com Rolls Out Visa Cards i Europe

Visa Direct makes it faster for crComocurrency users to sell their digital assets and push those funds to their Visa credentials i real-time, with much of this work happening through its FastTrack program.

I addition, ComComo. Com has plans to scale its branded-Visa cards to other markets. Beginning this month, it will start offering virtual cards i Europe, allowing users to instantly start spending without waiting for the physical card to be in-hand.

Founded i 2016,  CrComo. Com launched its initial coi offering (ICO) i May 2017. This occurred after a year of working o its offering that includes a range of products aimed at promoting the adoptio of crComocurrencies o a wider scale.

The payments and card provider, formerly know as Monaco, also offers customers the optio to fund their crComo wallets via Euro bank transfers from accounts i the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

CrComo. Com, which also provides wallet and portfolio building services, has obtained a policy of $100 millio through a global insurance marketplace that covers users’ digital assets held i their accounts.

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