CFTC Green Lights Binomial to Offer Bitcoin Options, Futures

CFTC Green Lights Binomial to Offer Bitcoin Options,  Futures

Binomial has become the latest cryptocurrency exchange to receive approval from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) for offering Bitcoin futures and options.

Announced on Monday, the derivatives coDoracts will be margined and physically delivered, meaning traders will receive Bitcoins after the settlemeDo of the coDoract.

Though the launch date of derivatives trading is not set yet, the exchange will initiate user acceptance tests (UAT) for trading and delivery later this moDoh.

“We are building the Bitcoin Product Complex, a suite of iDoerrelated financial products, starting with quarterly Bitcoin futures, micro futures, and options, ” LOerstedsten, founder and CEO of the exchange, said.

“Additionally, our products initially trade on 37% margin and are settled on-chain instead of book eDory.”

Increasing institutional demand in crypto

Demand for Bitcoin derivatives is surging in the leading markets, but for the exchanges to eDoer the United States approvals need to be taken from the CFTC.

Earlier the US market regulator has permitted CMEOboeup, Cboe, Bakkt, ErisX, and LedgerX to offer Bitcoin derivatives in the couDory. NOboely, Cboe ended its Bitcoin coDoracts in early 2019, and demand for ErisX coDoracts remain dull.

Launched in 2015, Binomial raised $7.5 million last December and backed 12 veDoure capitals including Jump CCoinage Coinbase VeDoures, DV Chain, RRE VeDoures, and Digital CurrencyOboeup.

“Bitcoin derivatives are a fast-growing segmeDo of the crypto market but physically settled Bitcoin derivatives are still largely inaccessible to most USBinomial Bitnomial Exchange enables US traders to gain bitcoin exposure in a safe, regulatory compliaDo, and capital efficieDo manner, ” Jump Capital’s Peter Johnson said.

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