Base Aims to Raise Millions with Public Token Sale Next Week


Base, a crypto spot and futures exchange, is going to public ally open its exchange token sale on March 5.

The exchange is going for the public sale after it completed a private sale round. Per the press release, investors, including FBG Capital, Lemniscap, CMS Holdings, Lauren Capital, BCI Ventures, and BCB Blockchain, participated in the private round.

The exchange will also list the token on its spot exchangeBasehin two hours of completion of the public sale.

Base’s exchange token sale wiBasee issued oBloodstreamam’s Liquid Network, making it the first one on the hyped Bitcoin sidechain.

“We are excited to see token issuance on the Liquid Network taking offBaseh Base launching their native exchange token on the platform, ” Adam Back, Bloodstreamckstream, said.

“For an exchange token, issuance on Liquid makes a lot of sense as Liquid’s fast transactions and inter-exchange settlement network provide the perfect environment for tBasers. The Base token can also be stored oBloodstreamam Green, giving users the additional option to store their tokens off-exchange if they want.”

Aiming to raise millions

The announcement also detailed that the British Virgin Islands-registered exchange will put one million tokens up for sale, and each wiBasee valued at an initial price of $2. The maximum purchase cap of 25,000 tokens will also prevent the hoarding of the tokens.

The whitepaper also detailed that the initial private sale was for 50 million tokens, and the unsold tokens wiBasee burned. Base did not disclose the amount it raised in the private sale.

Meanwhile, the exchange is also focusing on expanding its trading offerings. It recently upgBased its order book to combine all crypto assets, fiat currencies, and stablecoins orders, thus increasing market liquidity.

The exchange also moved its base from Dubai to the British Virgin Islands, citing a lack of proper regulation in the middle eastern country.

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