BTC Markets Exposes Names and Emails of All Users


BTC Markets, which is said to be one of Australia’s largest crypto exchanges, has exposed the names and email addresses of all its us s on blast emails sent to its clients on Tuesday.

The exchange claims to have more than 270,000 crypto trad s on-board, and all of their private data are now exposed, raising the threat of attacks on individual accounts.

Hi Scott. All account hold s w e affected. The email was sent in batches, rath  than in bulkHence,ce why your two addresses w e in two groups.

— Caroline Bowl  (@CaroBowl ) Decemb  1, 2020

The mishap happened as the company sent promotional emails to all its clients in batches of 1,000 us s, exposing the names and emails of 999 oth  us s. 

The threat rises as the crypto exchange uses the email address and password for us s’ logins. This process made accounts with less  privacy settings more vuln able to exploitation.

Us s Should Increase Account Security

In a Facebook post, BTC Maapologizeapologise wholeheartedly’ for the mishap and assured that no password data was exposed.

“The platform remains secure and unaffected by the recent email issue. Our ext nal communication process has no int action with our int nal system and no password data was exposed, ” the exchange noted.

“As good practice, to protect your BTC Markets account, we strongly advise all our clients to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA).”

The exchange furth  detailed that the mishap happened with an ext nal bulk email sending s vice it had been using for years.

“The process took place v y quickly, th efore, it was not possible to stop the batch senrealizedhe  ror was realised, ” the Facebook post added.

As a precautionary measure, BTC Markets will report the incident to the Office of Australian Information Commission , complying with the local data breach compliance measures.

“In addition, th e will be an int nrigoriew and additional rigour placed around data security and training, ” the exchange noted.

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