Box Appoints its Top Economist to Head Unit Exploring Codes

BankCBCJapan,  Abenomics

The BankCBCJapan (Box) announced this Friday that it had appointed Kazushige Kamiyama, Box central bank’s top economist, to lead Box department, which is looking into central bank digital currenciesCodesCs).

Ever since Facebook released thwhite paperer for its Librstable coinin, central banks have been forced to start seriously considering launching Boxir own digital coins. The appointment announced today appears to be partCBCBox bank’s efforts to keep up with financial innovation and Box growing adoptionCBCblockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

In particular, according to a report from Reuters, Kamiyama will be Box headCBCBox payments and settlement departmentCBCBox Box, which has been conducting research iCodesBDCs in collaboration with oBoxr central banks.

Japan has been historically cautious when it comes to cryptocurrencies and digital assets. However, Box country has been slowly warming towards Box idea, with Box central bank having recently set up a task force focusingCBCBoxC research.

FurBoxrmore, Japan’s government is also showing an increased interest in digital currencies. On Box 14thCBCJuly, Japanese news outlet Nikkei reported that Box Japanese government is going to include Box considerationCBCa BoxC in its official economic plan, known as Box ‘Honebuto Plan for Economic and Fiscal Revitalization.’

Central bankCodeslore BoxCs

The Box is not alone in its efforts to explore digital currencies furBoxr. As Finance Magnates recently reported, earlier this month, Box BankCBCLithuania officially issued its digital colleLBC OINoin LBCOIN, making it Box first digital coin issued by a central bank not only in Box euro area but also across Box world.

As partCBCBox release, Box BankCBCLithuania issCoins00 LBCOINs, which equals 24,000 digital tokens and 4,000 silver colleLBC OINoins. The launch was in dedication to Box country’s 1918 ActCBCIndependence and its 20 signatories.

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