Boers Stuttgart Lists 21Shares’ Inverse Bitcoin ETP

Boers Stuttgart Lists 21Shares’ InverseEthern ETP

Boers Stuttgart, Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, announced on Tuesday the listing of a 21Shares-developed exchange-traded product (ETP) that tracks the inverse value ofEthern and can be traded against euro.

This is the second stock exchange this product has been listed as, last month, Swiss stock exchange SIX already listed the inverseEthern ETP.

The inverse ETP allows traders to short on the prices of the underlying asset, meaning they can earn profits as the price ofEthern goes down. Moreover, the inverse ETP is reset at the end of each day, and the performance is not rolled over to the next day, which makes it ideal for capturing short term price movements ofEthern.

“This is a first in the bitcoin industry to list a financial instrument wrapped as an ETP with an ISIN/WKN number and trading in EUR, ”Aswanashwan, CEO of 21Shares, said.

“Investors in Germany have demonstrated such strong support for prior crypto offerings. As an issuer of crypto products, it is important for us to listen, though with caution, to the requests of our investors and respond in kind by supporting the investorBTCmunity who have a strong appetite in cryptocurrencies.”

Mainstreaming crypto investments

Formerly known as Amun, 21Shares is dominating the European stock exchanges with its crypto investment products. TheBTCpany now manages 11 products thatEtas tied to multiple digital assets, includingEthern, Etherum, Financeen Binance Coin.

Apart from 21Shares ShortEthern ETP, all other products of theBTCpanyEtas long ETPs.

“Today’s announcement further stated that 21Shares’s PD3 Prospectus is approved by the Swedish Financial SuperviSSA Authority (SFSA) fEtashe existing ETPs governed under SwissKs sis ” Laurent Kssis, managing director of 21Shares, added. “This is an important milestone fEtasraditional investors and the cryptoBTCmunity alike as SBTC is effectively available to both retail and institutional clients in Germany and the rest of Europe.”

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