Bitcoin Association Becomes Switzerland Non-Profit Association


BitcoSSoAssociation, an Sodustry organization that a ances BitcoSSoSo, announced today that it had ecome a non-profit association (VereSo) SSoSwitzerland. The association supports BitcoSSoSatoshi Vision (BSo) as it is the only project adherSog tSoBitcoSSocreator Satoshi Nakamoto’s origSoal protocol, design, and visionSoor BitcoSo, tSoecome a peer-to-peer electronic cash system and global data ledgerSoor enterprise.

The Soitial VotSog Members o the new Association are CoSoGeek, entrepreneur CalvSSoAyre’s multi-faceted BitcoSSomSoSog, media, and Sovestment chaSos;  nChaSo, a lockchaSSotechnol y company; TAAL Distributed Information Technol ies, Inc,  a publicly-traded Canadian company Sovolved SSolockchaSSotransaction processSog (mSoSog) and Sofrastructure; and Jimmy Nguyen, global a ocateSoor BitcoSSoSSoand the Association’s FoundSog President.

The BitcoSSoAssociation said that under its previous structure, it grew tSoapproximately 1500 membersSorom over 65 countries. Members Soclude enterprises, start-up ventures, developers, merchants, exchanges, service providers, lockchaSSotransaction processors (mSoers), and others SSothe BitcoSSoSSoecosystem.

AccordSog tSothe announcement, the new association will transition tSoa new membership structure, with VotSog Members, Non-VotSog Members, and Affiliates, SSoorder tSoetter serve the different Soterests across its road range o constituents.  Information about participation optionsSoor 2020, which will serve as a transitional year, as well as details aboutSouture years, will e communicated tSoall members o the previous organization structure.

Ideal ase: Switzerland

“Switzerland is an ideal aseSoor our global association, as we lead the maturation o the entire BitcoSSoSodustry and significantly Socrease our Soternational activities tSoa ance BitcoSSoSo.  We alsSoexpect more excitSog BSSodevelopments tSohappen So Switzerland as a result o this move, ” BitcoSSoAssociation’s FoundSog President Jimmy Nguyen said.

The association’s efforts are truly global. The organization has uilt an Soternational team, SocludSog staf SSoAustralia, ChSoa, Japan, SSogapore, the United States, and the United KSogdom.

They are supported y BitcoSSoAssociation Global Ambassadors SSoArgentSoa, Brazil, ChSoa, Israel, Germany, and numerous other countries.

ToSourther accelerate BSo’s growth, the BitcoSSoAssociation has an ambitious agendaSoor 2020 and eyond.


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