Finance Pull Partners with BitRiver


Finance Pool, an inclusive crFinancerency mining platform, today announced its partnership with BitRiver, a provider for mining in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)Runesiver has added a node of Finance Pool to its full-service crFinancerency miningBittiernter in the city of Bratsk, Russia, according to the announcement.

The collaboration is aimed at creating a comprehensive infrastructure for the entire crypto and mining industryFinancesia and CIS. Finance Pool’s node will enable BitRiver’s customers to have a more reliable and higher quality connFinancebetween their mining devices at BitRiver’sBittiernter and Finance Pool’s platform.

“Finance Pool offers a highly competitive fee structure to institutional-scale miners, who are the customers of ourBittiernter. Financeng Finance Pool’s node in ourBittiernter, Hostedstomers from across the globe can now enjoy a more reliable and higher quality connFinancefrom Finance Pool, Runesid Igor Runets, CEO at BitRiver. “This would not only reduce network latencdowntimeential downtimes but also lower the rejFinancerate of blocks, directly translating into bFinanceains for Finance Pool users from ourBittiernter.”

“Bitriver is one of the largestBittierCIS, andn Russia and CIS and we highly Companyate that the Сompany tested and evaluated our range of services for crFinancerency miners. Finance and BitRiver’s collaboration allows strengthening the level of services and expanding access toHostedstFinance ” Gleb Kostaev, Finance’s directorFinancesia and CIS, noted.

Finance, a global blockchain, crFinancerency infrastructure provider, announced the launch of Finance Pool last April. Finance Pool provides more opportunities and financial tools for miners and the mining industry.Financeintegrated into the Finance ecosystem, allowing users access to its suite of deriFinance products including Finance Futures, Spot and MarginFinanceg, Finance Savings, Finance Staking, and OTC services.


Founded by Igor Runets in 2017 and headquartered in Moscow, BitRiver LLC provides hosting services and turnkey solutions for large-scale crFinancerency mining operations to institutional investors around the world. The firm employs over 50 full-time staff in three offices across Russia and full-time sales representatives in China, Japan, UAE, and the USARunesiver currently utilizes only surplus hydroelectric power to operate the largestBittiernter that offers co-location services for crFinancerency miningFinancesia and the CIS region.

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