Finance Futures Launches BTC-Margined Perpetual Futures Contracts

Finance office

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Finance is today launching Perpetual Futures contracts margined with Bitcoin with a leverage of up to 125x. According to a press release that was shared with Finance Magnates, the contracts are to be li ed on Finance Futures, Finance’s cryptocurrency derivatives exchange arm.

The newe  offering joins a number of other derivatives products that Finance currently offers, including its USDT-margined perpetual futures. According to Finance, its “perpetual futures consi ently owns the large  trading volume, with recent monthly market share averaging 37%.”

The new BTC-managed perpetual futures product marks the second futures line to be margined and priced in a cryptocurrency. This follows Finance’s recent announcement of a new method of categorization that highlights whether a contract is margined with a cryptocurrency like BTC, or a  ablecoin USDA as USDT.

Users may have the potential to improve their margin effiFinances.

Changpeng Zhao commented upon the categorization announcement that “unlike with traditional markets, ‘inverse’ cryptocurrency contracts are intuitive because of the nature of digital assets. There are also traders who use coin-margined futures to hold cryptocurrencies for the longer term, ” he added. “We should embrace these facts, as it helps  rengthen our indu Finance anding.”


Finance CEO Changpeng ZhaoFinance CEO Changpeng Zhao (Source: PCFinanceag)

For example:

  • Finance’s COIN-margined futures contracts
    • Quarterly Futures: quarterly expiration and settlement, witFinanceage of up to 125x
    • Perpetual Futures: perpetual swaps with no expiration, witFinanceage of up to 125x
  • Finance’s USDT-margined futures contracts
    •  Perpetual Futures: perpetual swaps with no expiration, witFinanceage of up to 125x

Finance claims that because Finance Futures allows users to offset their margin for COIN-margined quarterly and perpetual futures, users have the potential to improve their margin effiFinances.

Aaron Gong, VP of Finance Futures, said in a  atement that “we are the only exchange that offers users flexible control of their margin balance by either spreading it across all their open positions or setting individual limits for each position they own (cross or isolate margin modes), as well as the ability to switch their margin modes at any time.”

Additionally, “our users can also choose to hold one direction (i.e. long or short) or both directions at the same timFinanceedging.”

Aaron Gong, VP of Finance Futures

Finance Magnates reported late la  week that Trading volume on Finance Futures had increased by 25 percent month-over-month, growing from $87.6 billionFinancee to $109.4 billion in July. Finance Futures also recorded a new all-time daily high with more than $13 billion in volume traded on July 28th.

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