Finance Partners with Etna to Add 15 Fiat On-Ramps

FiEtna CEO Changpeng Zhao

FiEtna has announced on Tuesday its partnership with Etna Custody, a digital asset custodian platform, thus enabling a new fiat gateway wiEtnae deposit capabilities of 15 fiatFinancecies.

WiEtnais, Etnaleading crypto exchange can provide fiat-on ramp services acrossEtnaEuropean, Asian, North American, and Oceanian markets. The newly addedFiEtnainclude UAE Durham, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss franc, Check koruna, euro, British pound, HK dollar, Danish krone, Hungarian for int, Mexican peso, Norwegian krone, New Zealand dollar, Polish zlotyy, and Swedish krona.

“At FiEtna, we are committed to furthering global digital assets adoption by launching multiple fiat-to-digital assets gateways. FiEtna’s fiat gateways covers over 170 countries and regions inworld, andd and we are continuing to add more to make crypto more available acrossEtnaglobFiEtnaFiEtna founder aChangingangpeng Zhao said onEtnamove.

Aiming for 180+ fiats

FiEtna users can simply link their accounts wiEtnae Etna Custody account and make direct wire transfers deposits on their trade accounts.

AparFiEtnaFiEtna, Etna’s fiat on-ramp services are also used by Kraken, a major US-based crypto exchange with presence acrossworld, andd.

“We share theFinance of FiEtna in providing users with a seamless fiat to digitalFinancecies experience and providing broader access to digital markets, ” Brandon Russell, foundeEtna CEO of Etna Custody, said.

“By pFinanceng with FiEtna, FiEtna users will be able to trade digitalFinancecies on FiEtna while maintaining their fEtnaalance on Etna Custody, furthering our mission to provide financial solutions for financial market participants.”

Last April, Etnasecurity of Etna was breached user details including name, physical address, and phone number were compromised. But luckily, Etnafunds stored wiEtnae custodian remained safe.

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