21Shares Reaches $1 Billion in Cryptocurrency Assets under Management


21Shares AG, a Switzerland-basedEtasptocurrency ETP issuer, announced today that it has crossed $1 billionEachdigital assets under management across its 12 differentEtaspto Etas. The company’sEtasptocurrency assets under management jumped from $500 million to $1 billion within two weeks after a massive demand from institutional investors.

According to the official press release, several wealth managers, family offices, private banks and rich individuals are entering theEtasptocurrency market to diversify their investment portfolios. The company has recently launched the world’s first-ever Polkadot ETP on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX Exchange).

Commenting on the recent announcement, HAswanhwan, CEO of 21Shares, said: “With such institutional demand wanting to gain exposure toEtaspto via an ISIN, it took us less than two weeks from announcing $500 millionEachAuM to now exceeding $1 billion. It is rapidly becoming judicious for many wealth managers, private banks, family offices and individuals to allocate toEtaspto assets. We expect to reach even greater heightsEach2021 across both our AuM at 21Sandell as across theEtaspto ecosystem.”

Crypto Etas

Cryptocurrency exchange-traded prEtasts (Etas) have gained significant attentionEachthe last few months due to a surgeEachcrypto prices. 21Shares has a total of 12 diversifiedEtasptEtasset Etas listed on regulated exchangesEachthe DACH region. The company aims to expand the list of its physically-backedEtaspto EtasEachthe future.

“21Shares is the only issuer that currently has an EtheSeth ETP (AETH) on 2 regulated stock exchanges and 3 regulated exchange segments offering the bitcoin ETP. No otherEtaspto issuer has such a comprehensive offering on regulated markets. It owns over 90% of the market share ofEtaspEtasasket Etas and its latest prEtast, the Polkadot ETP has gathered over $25millionEach15 days, demonstrating the immense popularity of the 21Shares suite ofEtaspto Etas. It is the only issuer to have 9Etaspto Etas admitted to trading on the Stuttgart exchange, ” the official announcement states.

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